Instantly Ageless Hair Building Fibers .82oz

Instantly Ageless Hair Building Fibers .82oz

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Instantly Ageless Hair Building Fibers, also known as hair thickening fibers or microfibers work instantly to cover balding spots and are totally 100% safe.

Product Description

Product Description

Instantly Ageless Hair in Seconds is actually the second generation of hair building fibers. Our new technology sets us apart from our competitors. The difference is subtle and almost impossible to discern with the naked eye, but under magnification of 100x, the slimmer and longer fibers make all of the difference. In our new formulation, the fibers are all the same length which makes a much more natural look. They are also very difficult to distinguish from a natural human hair and will not block pores.

Previous generations of hair building fibers were heavy. Not so with Instantly Ageless™ Hair in Seconds! Its density and weight are just 1/5 of water. This advantage means that users of the product will not feel the weight of the product at all and if fibers do happen to come loose, they will not drop down to the scalp. Lighter weight means more comfort.

Instantly Ageless Hair in Seconds has the pH value of 4.6 which is the same as human skin. Contact with skin or scalp will cause no irritation whatsoever.

Hair in Seconds is dyed with natural ingredients during the very first stage of processing. So don’t worry about being caught in the rain or heavy perspiration. Our tests confirm no color loss even when immersed in water for more than 1 week.
Static Electricity

Our new generation of hair fibers are super charged with more static electricity than the original. As they are shaken over the scalp this will keep them from clumping and cause them to cling to the other hairs on the head, not on the scalp. Therefore they last much longer.

Key Ingredients

Instantly Ageless Hair in Seconds hair fibers are made with pure natural plants extracts. The main ingredients are:

Plant resinous fiber
Keratin derivatives
Anti-static agent
Ammonium bicarboate

Moreover,it does not contain any bactericide, or preservatives, so it won’t bring any side effects to human body. For some customers, there’s some uncomfortable feelings of itchy or dandruff but this is very rare. This product is totally safe for long term use.