Holocuren Propolis Toothpaste 6oz

Holocuren Propolis Toothpaste 6oz

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Holocuren Propolis Toothpaste

Product Description

The Ultimate Toothpaste

Nature provides an answer to a clean and healthy mouth. Holocuren’s Propolis Tothpaste can be used to clean teeth, freshen breath, and protect from inflammation. This toothpaste is a proven protective product for gum care with an effective combination for cleaning teeth.

When brushing regularly with Holocuren Propolis Toothpaste, its important anti-inflammatory effects can be a successful tool in the decrease of known causes of Alzheimer's and heart diseases.

Bee Propolis

The flavenoid properties of bee propolis have an anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory chemical composition, a powerful natural wonder drug that attacks only harmful microbes and selectively leaves alone the mouth’s necessary bacteria. There is also evidence that the proplis compounds are powerful against anti-biotic resistant bacteria for total effectiveness. All of these properties work together in Holocuren Propolis Toothpaste to give you a truly fresh, clean, healthy mouth.

Propolis is a naturopathis substance recently praised for its biologically active wound healing properties. Having been in existence for 125 million years, this extremely bio-diverse natural substance produced by bees has been used by healers in ancient cultures for centuries. Nutrient enriched propolis inhibits the development of unwanted microorganisms by immobilizing the infectious bacteria.

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