Holocuren Miracle Lips Roll on Serum 10ml

Holocuren Miracle Lips Roll on Serum 10ml

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A true miracle for all skin tips.  A new lip salve that makes all lip balm, chapped lip sticks and petroleum type products obsolete.

Product Description

The Ultimate Skin and Lip Serum!

Holocuren’s new lip serum is a Natural and Organic Product designed specifically for the ultimate health of the lip tissue. Among the many beneficial ingredients is Propolis, an organic product produced by bees to protect the hives. Brazilian Propolis is known to be the strongest Propolis known to man, protecting against lip drying and reducing the potential for lip cancers. This extraordinary combination of active, phyto-chemical ingredients provides soothing protection for cold sores, fever blistrers, chapped and dry lips and offers antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal protection in just one application.

• Made with all natural and organic ingredients

• Features concentrated Propolis lip treatment

• Sleek pharmaceutical-grade glass container

• Silky smooth stainless steel roller ball applicator

• Penetrating, medical serum for cold sores or chapped lips

• Also useful for blemishes, insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes

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