Essie Lounge Lover

Essie Lounge Lover

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Essie Lounge Lover feel like a dangerous vixen, but coy at the same time.

Product Description

Essie Lounge Lover

Its pink color is pretty and flirty at the same time and just what you need for a first date or when you are feeling extra girly. You will get a subtle and pretty nod without looking sickeningly sweet. This spring is all about peach and if you are only entitled to one treat this week, let it be Essie Lounge Lover!

Essie Lounge Lover is a healthier and more reliable alternative to the traditional nail polish, formulated with natural and organic minerals. It’s 100 percent DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free and above all, upholds the standard of Purity.

Recommended nail types:

Do you have nails? Are they real or are they add-ons? Well, it doesn’t matter, for as long as you have nails, and you want to stand out in a lovely and subtle way, Essie Lounge Lover is perfect for you!

Main benefits:

•    The pretty color matches the color in the bottle 100 percent

•    It comes with a wide brush that’s very easy to use

•    You can go for a whole week without seeing any chipping

•    It dries very fast, no need to worry about smudging your nail polish

•    Great longevity – you can use the polish to the last drop without it getting clumpy and thick

How to apply:

If you are doing this yourself, start by filing your nails and removing the cuticles. Clean your nails and dry them ready for polish. Begin with an Essie base coat, let it dry then apply two coats of Essie Lounge Lover, back to back then let your nails dry. Now, apply the top coat and give it a few minutes to dry completely and you are ready to paint the town pink!

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