DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC

Item#: DSSpectral.DNC-60ml

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC® is one of the most effective hair re-growth products available in the world today.

Product Description

Product Description:

This topical treatment is formulated to treat androgenic alopecia as well as other common types of hair loss experienced by men. Spectral.DNC® has been tested and clinically proven to encourage hair re-growth. Spectral.DNC® is effective for nearly all types on hair loss in men. What makes this hair loss treatment so revolutionary is an advanced delivery method of micro spheres termed nanosomes that are able to penetrate the scalp area where other larger chemical compounds have failed. By formulating the active ingredients in this fashion, the scalp is able absorb them more readily. Other hair treatments use Minoxidil in the oil soluble form, but Spectral.DNC® uses Minoxidil Sulphate, a water soluble form that is quickly absorbed. Because of this property, the ingredient requires less solvent, allowing it to remain concentrated and thus more effective. Spectral.DNC® has been shown to be effective for men that did not respond to Rogaine.

Hair Types:

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC® is formulated to be effective for all types of male baldness and all hair types.

Main Benefits:

  • Clinically tested and proven to be the work better than any other topical hair growth product.
  • Effective on the entire scalp, including the stubborn frontal bald pattern.
  • Hair grown is normal, healthy and strong.
  • Contains a blend of all proven hair loss ingredients including Aminexil®.

How to Use:

Spray 10 pumps of DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC® to scalp area twice daily, and massage well into scalp. It is important that no hair spray or other styling products are used, as they can clog hair follicles and prevent the growth of new hair. IMPORTANT: Thoroughly wash hands after each application. If hair loss is due to conditions other genetically triggered male pattern baldness, use may be discontinued after desired hair growth has occurred. If due to male pattern baldness, regular use will be required to maintain hair growth.

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