Ds Laboratories Spectral.LASH

Ds Laboratories Spectral.LASH

Item#: ds_laboratories_spectrallash

Spectral LASH, is a cutting-edge lash treatment product developed by Ds Laboratories, that has proven the ability to increase the length of eyelashes by at least 25 percent within four short weeks through clinical research.

Product Description

Ds Laboratories Spectral LASH

A peptide complex which is considered a break through, has been deployed by Spectral.LASH, as opposed to a relabeled glaucoma-based drug similar to bimatoprost found in so many other similar products. According to scientists, they believe that peptides, that consists of structural amino acids, work as a result of stimulating the expression of keratin genes and also by improving the overall health of the eyelid.

 These wonderful new developments reflect the most recent biotechnology that is available through any scientific research. Hence, both advancing the safety as well as the efficacy of the overall growth of the eyelashes.

How To Use Spectral LASH

To use this product, began by making sure that the face has been thoroughly cleaned and all makeup is removed. Obtain the solution through the dispenser. Apply it by drawing the applicator across the skin of the upper eyelid as carefully as possible, as though applying eyeliner to the eye. This process should also be repeated for the lower eyelid as well. If solution makes contact with the eyes, no harm is expected and the eye should not be rinsed out. 

After using the product for several weeks, you can begin to switch to use only once a day, maintaining the results previously experienced. 

For the best possible hygiene and to reduce the chances of getting an eye infection, please do not share your Spectral.LASH pen with other users. Also, be very careful when applying the Spectral LASH - taking great care when applying to avoid any possible injury to the eye. To apply the application properly, it  requires that the tip is brought close to the eye, and that the product is applied with a very steady hand. This product should not be used if it can not be applied properly and safely.