DS Laboratories Revita.EPS Eyelash Stimulator 2.4ml

DS Laboratories Revita.EPS Eyelash Stimulator 2.4ml


DS Laboratories Revita.EPS Eyelash Stimulator 2.4 ml encourages lash growth for both men and women.

Product Description

Product Description:

There are many health conditions that can cause eyelash growth to be hindered, such as hypothyroidism. Additionally, as we age our lashes become shorter, thinner and eventually may stop growing completely. Luckily advancements have made this inevitability avoidable. With Revita.EPS Eyelash Stimulator, eyelashes will begin to grow again, becoming longer and fuller with regular use. In four short weeks, lashes have been clinically proven to become 25% longer. With regular use lashes can also become thicker and denser. This eyelash stimulator is not bimatoprost, the glaucoma medication often seen advertised as an eyelash lengthener, but a revolutionary new product that contains a break through polypeptide complex. This combination of amino acids stimulates keratin genes, turning them on and resulting in eyelash growth. Not only does this product encourage eyelash growth and thickening, it also improves the overall health of the eyelids. Having full, long and thick eyelashes will not only improve physical appearance, but will also protect the eyes from debris in the air, such as animal fur, dust and other irritants that can easily find their way into the eye when short or no eyelashes are there to prevent this from happening.

Skin Types:

Revita.EPS Stimulator is formulated for all skin types specifically for men and women whose eyelashes are thinning and shortening, or have stopped growing completely.

Main Benefits:

  • Stimulates eyelash growth.
  • Encourages eyelashes to become thick, full and long.
  • Supports eyelid health.
  • By helping eyelashes to grow longer and fuller, eyes are protected from particles, preventing them from getting into the eye.

How to Use:

Click the bottom of the pen-like applicator to dispense product. Apply to eyelid just above the lash line and under the eye, just below the lash line, just as eyeliner would be applied. For best results, use Revita.EPS Stimulator twice a day, once in the morning and again at night.

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