Ds Laboratories Keramene - Body Hair Minimizer 180ml

Ds Laboratories Keramene - Body Hair Minimizer 180ml

Item#: ds_laboratories_keramene_body_hair_minimizer

The Ds Laboratories Keramene Body Hair Minimizer is made with fine ingredients that targets unwanted hair growth in both men and women.

Product Description

Product Description:

There's nothing more embarrassing than for a woman to have unwanted hair growth or for men to wrestle with stubborn hair that most men find challenging to remove. Now with Keramene, body hair removal treatment, women and men can feel more confident with this great hair removal treatment system.  This treatment is easy to use and more effective than ever before.  

This amazing treatment consists of a bilateral attack against any unwanted hair growth by inducing follicles, preventing them from producing hair strands. This also takes place by suppressing the proliferation, which causes all remaining hair growth to take place at a much slower pace than normal.

The ingredients found in this fine Karamene body hair removal treatment system, not only results in reduced hair growth, but it also results in fewer side effects as a result of the depilation.


Some of the benefits of this product consist of it's easy application, allowing the product to act as a hair growth inhibitor - further allowing you to remove hair normally associated with shaving, waxing, burning, dissolving, or electrolyzing the hair much less frequently, with significantly less expensive hair removal treatments. This process also saves time on excessive traditional hair removal treatment regiments as well.

Other benefits include fewer unsightly scars and lesions associated with traditional hair removal treatments; fewer embarrassing stubble and redness associated with normal hair removal treatment regiments and much less pain associated with the nicks and ingrown hair. Most importantly, an added benefit from the use of the Ds Laboratories Keramene body hair removal treatment is that it results in less bacterial infections and drug interactions experienced with traditional hair removal treatment systems.

Overall, this product builds confidence among women and men by reducing the stress and embarrassment linked to unwanted hair growth and painful hair removal treatment regiments.