DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR - Facial Cleanser 80ml

DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR - Facial Cleanser 80ml

Item#: DSHydroviton.CR

The DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR - Facial Cleanser 80ml, also referred to as Hydroviton CR, addresses multiple skin issues and skin challenges that millions of people around the world face.

Product Description

Product Description:

This cleanser is designed to create to and correct variety of different skin problems that are associated with combination and sensitive skin. Hydroviton CR, reverses skin that looks or feel flaky, itchy, dry or gray. It also corrects skin that is very oily right after washing. Customers can also find that skin that has been marked by lesions and redness due to acne can also be corrected after applying this product. Skin that has been pitted by large pores, as well as those that have exceptionally sensitive skin can their skin addressed and corrected after applying the Hydroviton CR. It not only addresses each of these issues individually, but it also corrects any combination of these symptoms associated with irritated, damaged skin.


  • Although Hydroviton CR is made available over-the-counter, it is said to be the most effective, medicated cleanser that is made available without a prescription. Users find that their complexion becomes dramatically restored and corrected.  Their skin becomes full of radiance, color and smoothness.
  • This cleanser is made with a special blend of natural fruit acids as well as other Keratolytics that is used to stimulate healthy, clearer more radiant skin. Hydroviton CR is also known for restoring the skin to its original, natural look.  

Made with active and effective ingredients, Hydroviton CR, also results in a youthful look and feel as it corrects harmful toxins that damages the skin. Because of its ability to dissolve acne form lesions, reduce the size of pores and decreases excessive sebum, Hydroviton CR has been recognized by cosmetologist and dermatologist as the best product on the market in its category.