DS Laboratories Dandrene 180ml

DS Laboratories Dandrene 180ml

Item#: DSDandrene

DS Laboratories Dandrene 180 ml is the world's best dandruff control product. Dandrene relieves itching and scaling that leads to flakes caused by fungus and seborrhea.

Product Description

Product Description:

Dandrene treats both fungal infections of the scalp and seborrhea. Other scalp conditions that this revolutionary hair care product addresses include: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dry pityriasis, pityriasis versicolor, psoriasis, and tinea capitis. For those living with any of these conditions, it can be a nightmare as some of them can spread to the eyebrows, nose, lips, ears and eyelids, leading to inflammation, redness, itching and flakes. Scratching often leads to broken skin and further infections, complicating an already difficult condition. Dandrene works to rid the body of these conditions, returning skin to normal and relieving the endless itching and flaking, preventing worsening of the condition.

Hair Types:

Safe and effective for all hair types specifically formulated for dandruff sufferers and other conditions that lead to scaling and flaking of the scalp.

Main Benefits:

  • Relieves itching and redness associated with a number of scalp issues.
  • Ends flakes and scaling caused by scalp conditions.
  • Ends embarrassment associated with dandruff and other scalp conditions.
  • Reduces constant oil production to normal, healthy levels.
  • By killing fungus, ends embarrassing fungal odors.
  • Leaves hair healthy, shiny and full of body.
  • Tackles many conditions other dandruff treatments can't touch.
  • Restores self confidence destroyed by dandruff.

How to Use:

Pump enough DS Laboratories Dandrene into palm to work into a rich lather with a small amount of water. Massage into scalp with finger tips. If facial area is affected with the condition, wash face with lather as well, being careful to keep out of eyes. Rinse and repeat. Style as usual. Use hair spray and other such styling products sparingly to allow Dandrene to continue to inhibit fungus and and other dandruff causing conditions.

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