DS Laboratories Revita.Cor Stimulating Conditioner

DS Laboratories Revita.Cor Stimulating Conditioner

Item#: DSRevita.Cor-500ml

The DS Laboratories Revita.Cor Stimulating Conditioner, known as Revita.Cor for women is an ultra premium hair corrective conditioner that provides an unusual hair care and treatment experience for women.

Product Description

Product Description:

It provides a deep penetrating conditioning that delivers a state of the science hair regrowth technology. This product builds upon the legendary success of, and works best with the well known and popular Revita shampoo.

The hair follicles typically maintain what serves as a reservoir of stem cells for tissue regrowth and renewal. The hair follicles also provide a very robust and regenerative ability to develop ongoing hair growth throughout the duration of our lifetimes. The Revita.COR conditioner has been formulated with botanical stem cells that provide a large variety of the same properties and the same placidity as the human stem cells. As a result, of this, the Revita.COR conditioner provides a wide variety of compounds that contains multiple protective properties that are needed for the proper function of over 300 enzyme found in the hair. The conditioner's rich ingredients is also comprised of advanced conditioning properties that results in significant hair growth properties.


  • This product also consist of a variety nutritional properties that include vitamins and amino acids among many other ingredients.  The amino acids are known to cause an increase in the plasma transmitter levels.
  • Revita.COR also contains ingredients that has high advanced conditioning properties that provides a scalp conditioning agent. It also has technology that has resulted in a new benchmark for comprehensive synthesis of new hair growth molecules.
  • Revita.COR is made with only the best, high-performance, high quality, yet powerful, active ingredients that the market has to offer.  It also penetrates deeper than the average conditioner on the market. This clinically tested product has been formulated to provide the best results and the maximum benefits as it relates to follicular dysfunction and scalp vitality. The active ingredients in this product will leave the hair feeling noticeably different - healthier and stronger hair.