Divaderme Lash and Mascara Special, Save 10%

Divaderme Lash and Mascara Special, Save 10%

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Save 10% when you buy 1 Divaderme lash Extender and 1 Divaderme Mascara Diva together!

Product Description

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Save 10% when you buy 1 Divaderme lash Extender and 1 Divaderme Mascara Diva together!

Product Overviews

Lash Extender:

Instantly brush on voluminous eye lashes with Divaderme's Lash extender! With ingredients that include vitamin E, this natural treatment will deliver you longer, fuller, thicker, healthier lashes in just a few swipes. This triple action unique lash product will eliminate your need for falsies as it treats, curls and separates your lashes perfectly. Leaving your lashes clump free and beautiful.

Cellulose, Panthenol, Vitamin E

Mascara Diva:

Looking to glam up your lack luster lashes? Divaderme's Mascara Diva is the ideal mascara that almost instantly gives you longer, fuller eyelashes. The Mascara Diva is made with key ingredients such as Panthonol and Kerarin that will make the application a breeze as it goes on smoothly. No lash will be left uncoated as your lashes will stay lush and beautiful all day and night!

Directions For Use:

First step: Apply a light coat of your favorite mascara. Divaderme’s Mascara Diva is the perfect mascara to be paired up with the Lash Extender. You can’t go wrong with this duo as they work together to give you the beautiful, long, lush lashes you’ve always desired!

Second Step: While still wet from application, apply the Lash Extender to the tips of your lashes with a rolling motion of the brush.

Third Step: Repeat this process until you reach your desired length and volume.

About Divaderme

Straight out of the heart of Italy, Divaderme Cosmetics have been able to provide natural, sophisticated products to Salon and Spa professionals for over 30 years. They use a combination of natural, ancient beauty secrets and new technology to give their consumers the best new and innovative products that deliver results! Their products allow women everywhere to rediscover their natural, elegance as you are left with only flawless lashes, brows and luminous skin.

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