Alex Cosmetic Natural Corrector No.3 + Vitamin C 1oz

Alex Cosmetic Corrector Serum+ Vitamin C 1oz

Item#: ALEX_17041

The combination of special and powerful working ingredients synergistically creates a more even skin tone while simultaneously providing deep hydration, active regeneration, and layers of skin protective care.

Product Description

Product Description:

The new Alex Cosmetic Corrector Serum + Vitamin C is the perfect must have addition to your daily and nightly skin care routine. If you have been looking for a natural and gentle corrective serum that will hydrate, regenerate, and protect your sensitive skin, look no further! This vitamin C packed serum will take your skin from being a dried out, ruddy colored, dull mess to a bright, even toned, moisturized, and flawless delight. This fast acting corrective serum is completely 100% safe for sensitive skin and can be used on any and all skin types. Due to the concentration of herbal extracts and vitamin C (along with the added Arbutin), this corrective serum is amazingly effective at adding a shimmer and brightness to your skin as well as regenerating and hydrating your skin. This product works best when it is used in combination with the Alex Cosmetic Brighten Line. Get your 1 oz. bottle of Alex Cosmetic Corrector Serum + Vitamin C for an added layer to your daily skin care routine that will keep your skin soft, full of moisture, and vibrantly bright.

Natural Working Ingredients in this Product include:

Alpine herbal extracts, Arbutin, Vitamin C

How To Use:

It is important to remember to apply the Alex Cosmetic Corrector Serum + Vitamin C every morning and every evening after you have cleaned and dried your face and neck. Massage the product gently into your face and neck and then pat your face and neck dry with a soft towel. You do not have to use much of this serum at one time; a small amount goes a long way on your skin.