Alex Cosmetic Slim Express Ampoules (7 x 7ml)

Alex Cosmetic Slim Express Ampoules (7 x 7ml)

Item#: ALEX7006_5370_5620
This is an advanced formulation that is designed to shape the body contours, diminish cellulite and alter skin texture. The product produces amazing results due to its multi- functional agents of skin change.

Product Description

Product Description:

The product contains 7 ampoules each with 7 milliliters of potent cream which are compatible with all types of skins, be it oily soft or dry.

The formulation contains an intensive skin care product made from plant oils that promote a suppler, healthy and moisturized skin.


  1. Extracts from plants that include horsetail, horse chest nut, ivy and green tea. These agents revitalize the skin and stimulate tissue growth in the epidermis and dermis part of the skin. This ensures that toxins are flashed from the bodies that are responsible for unhealthy skin and tone (
  2. Caffeine and Glaucine reduce deposits of fat in the body and improve the texture of the skin (
How To Use:

 When using this product, the best results are achieved when you apply it on the affected are twice daily. This involves squeezing a few drops on the surface of the skin, massaging gently and ensuring that the ski absorbs the product completely.  To ensure maximum results regular application in the morning and evening is required. This ensures that the skin remains free from rough patches and acts as combating agent against cellulite.

 Finally, the product results in a softer smooth and elastic skin that is radiant and sets the stage for a beautiful complexion. The results of using these products are outstanding as one experiences noticeable improvement of the skin. The packaging is to perfection with an appealing look for everyday use. The price is low compared to the quality change one gets from the product. It is one of the best in the market that is changing lives.

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