Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream 1.7oz

Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream 1.7oz

Item#: ALEX5003_5839_5958

Intensive regenerating cream with phyto stem cell complex.

Product Description

Product Description

The Stem Cell Repair Cream from Alex Cosmetic is a rich cream that uses apple stem cells to activate your skin's own stem cells. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid optimizes your skin's moisture content, and coenzyme Q10 and squalane work together to strengthen your skin and protect it against environmental aggressors. All of this combines to protect your skin and give it a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Why Stem Cells?

Stem cells have the ability to repair damaged and diseased cells, making them the building blocks of your skin. Unfortunately, they lose their potency as you age. This is part of the reason why people see more wrinkles, age spots and sun damage as they get older. Non-embryonic stem cells such as the apple stem cells used in Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream are potent enough to activate the less-potent stem cells in your skin and help them repair damaged cells.

The stem cells used in anti-aging products come from a variety of sources, from unfertilized human egg cells to plants. The stem cells in Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream is derived from apples, and they operate in the same way as human stem cells, making them safe and effective for your skin.

How to Use Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream

Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream can be used by just about everybody, but it is especially effective for more mature, demanding skin. Apply the cream to your face and neck every morning and evening for optimal long-lasting results. The treatment also works best when it is combined with the Nourishing Exfoliator and Stem Cell Activator+, both of which are available from Alex Cosmetic and Skincare by Alana. 

Key Ingredients