Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Tonic 6.8oz

Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Tonic 6.8oz

Item#: ALEX6003_5349_5594

Packed in a 6.7-ounce container, the Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Tonic is perfect for stimulating and refreshing the skin. Manufactured as a rich and soft stimulant, it possesses a healthy number of key ingredients for accomplishing its task.

Product Description

Product Description:

The Lily Hydra Tonic gets its name from the white water lily (Nymphaea alba) extract it contains. With this ingredient, the tonic introduces antioxidant properties to the skin, fighting free radicals and the effects of aging. Also, white water lily extract contains lectin, which is antibacterial because it blocks the rapid reproduction of infectious agents. Thus, the skin is kept young, fresh, and protected.


Panthenol, which is a provitamin of B5, is included in the Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Tonic mainly as a moisturizer. It draws moisture from the atmosphere to hydrate the skin, and it reduces the rate of evaporation of the skin’s water content. Panthenol also acts as an emollient, since it makes the outermost layer of the skin—the epidermis—softer and more supple. By extension, using the Lily Hydra Tonic also ensures reduction of the occurrence of skin itching or inflammation.

Combined with panthenol, allantoin enhances the moisturizing attributes of the Alex Cosmestic Lily Hydra Tonic. The chemical compound is also known as an efficient keratolytic agent, with the ability to enhance the peeling off or shedding of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Allantoin also helps with skin cell renewal and a soothing feel. Consequently, the Lily Hydra Tonic contributes to the skin’s smoothness.

Skin Types:

The Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Tonic is suitable for all skin types. It is especially okay to use by people who have sensitive and demanding skin.

How To Use:

For best results, ideally use it after a cleansing and facial mask regimen, then finish the entire process with skin care products appropriate to your skin type.