Alex Cosmetic So Smooth Peel 5oz

Alex Cosmetic So Smooth Peel 5oz

Item#: ALEX7001_5357_5601

Alex Cosmetic So Smooth Peel 5oz is a moisturizing and firming body lotion designed for lasting firmness and hydration of the skin. This body lotion is composed of active ingredients that include sweet almond oil, bitter orange extract, caffeine and squalene that significantly tightens and firms the skin.

Product Description

Product Description:

 This lotion is perfect for women who are classy,sporty and working women. Women who are independent are always on the go and they need to maintain their smooth and beautiful skin every time. This body lotion is perfect for all skin types because it is a moisturizing lotion. Whether women have natural skin or dry skin, this lotion is definitely effective and very safe to use.

 The benefits of Alex Cosmetic So Smooth Peel 5oz:

  • · Alex Cosmetics slim body lotion firms and tightens the skin, thanks to its active and natural ingredients
  • · This body lotion leaves the skin supple, silky smooth and soft
  • · This lotion promotes a pleasant feeling of freshness 
  • · Alex slim body lotion effectively energizes the skin
  • · It effectively moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin glowing 
  • · The scent of the lotion is very relaxing and smells good
  • · This lotion will not cause any harm to the skin because it's ingredients are natural
  • · Alex slim body lotion is perfect for all types of skin, but most effective for those with extra dry skin because of its moisturizing effects


The active ingredients include prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil), squalene, citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) fruit extract and caffeine.


This body lotion is very easy to use.

  • Simply apply a generous amount of lotion on the body in the morning and evening just right after shower or bath time.
  • Every woman always wants to feel and look beautiful at all times, so it is essential to apply a body lotion that is soft and able to give proper moisture to their skin. Alex Cosmetic So Smooth Peel 5oz is just the perfect choice.