Alex Cosmetic Herbal Super Lotion 6.7oz

Alex Cosmetic Herbal Super Lotion 6.7oz

Item#: ALEX1003_5345_5590

The lotion hydrates skin that is dry and irritated. It also helps to keep the skin from becoming irritated further. The product is ideal for people who have chronically or temporarily dry skin, as well as those who have skin that is sensitive and easily irritated.

Product Description


Product Description

Alex Cosmetic Herbal Super Lotion comes in a container that holds 250 ml. This product is an herbal tonic for the skin. Made from a combination of soothing and refreshing plant extracts, this lotion works to both calm and revitalize the skin. 


This lotion contains a unique blend of powerful herbal extracts. Chamomila recutita flower extract has amazing healing properties. It soothes and tones the skin, restoring its natural balance. Its anti-inflammatory quality helps to combat the effect of puffy skin. This extract is also effective at cleaning pores that are blocked with impurities.

Witch hazel extract possesses an astringent quality that enables this herbal lotion to tighten the pores once they have been cleansed. Witch hazel also has an antioxidant property, making it a great choice for skin that has sustained damaged from the sun or other environmental factors. Witch hazel extract is also known to fight acne, due to its antimicrobial quality.

Other ingredients in this lotion serve to complement the botanical extracts. The end result is a lotion that is emollient, revitalizing, and calming to the skin. When used regularly, this lotion will make the skin feel softer and look more balanced. Skin that has previously been dry and sensitive will feel hydrated and more resilient. This product has both a restorative and protective effect on the skin.

How to Use

This product will offer the most benefits when it is applied twice daily. It can be applied to the skin with a cotton ball or pad. Apply in the morning and at night. To experience the best results, use this lotion to complement the other herbal skin care products in the Alex Cosmetic line.  


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