Alex Cosmetic Deep Gel 1.7oz

Alex Cosmetic Deep Gel 1.7oz

Item#: ALEX1004_5347_5592

Alex Cosmetic Herbal Deep Gel comes in a convenient container size of 1.7oz. This astringent gel is perfect for people who have oily skin and blemishes. The gel helps to significantly control shine, and it acts as a skin clarifier.

Product Description

Product Description

The gel helps to significantly control shine, and it acts as a skin clarifier. This is a deep cleansing gel for skin that suffers from acne, skin that produces excessive oil, and combination skin.

Effective, Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients in this powerful gel work to combat impurities and imbalance in the skin. Menthol is a revitalizing extract that tightens the pores. It also makes the skin feel cool and refreshed.  

Tea tree oil is a natural extract that has antimicrobial properties. This makes it an effective ingredient at fighting impurities that develop in the skin. In fact, studies have revealed that tea tree oil may be as effective as benzoyl peroxide at treating blemished skin. While tea tree oil is a powerful ingredient, it does not generally irritate the skin as other anti-acne treatments might. Use of this product should not lead to the peeling and redness that other products may cause.

This gel also contains camphor, which can have a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Skin that has suffered from painful blemishes should experience some relief from the application of camphor, which is one of the main ingredients in this gel. Camphor is also antibacterial, which means that regular application of this gel will aid in preventing the recurrence of blemishes.


After the skin has been cleansed, apply a few drops of this gel to the skin. Emulsifying the gel in a bit of water may be the best way to apply the product evenly. Gently massage it on the skin, and allow it to remain there for approximately two minutes. Then, rinse the gel off with warm water and a soft cloth. This gel will work best when it is used with other Alex Cosmetic products designed to treat blemished and oily skin.   

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