Alex Cosmetic Clear Gel 1.7oz

Item#: ALEX1013_5368_5618

This gel is perfect for anyone with skin that is sensitive or has blemishes. Skin that is red or irritated will benefit from the application of this product.

Product Description

Product Description

Alex Cosmetic Clear Gel comes in a convenient container of 1.7 ounces. This product was designed to combat impurities in the skin, such as blemishes. It is also effective at removing excess oil that accumulates on the skin. The ingredients in this gel have both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that calm and protect the skin. When this product is used on a consistent basis, the skin becomes more balanced and clear. 


  • This advanced skin care gel works to refine the pores and minimize inconsistencies on the skin surface.
  • It also helps to reduce the occurrence of further blemishes on the skin. 
  • This is a great product for people who are prone to acne. 
  • It also helps to stop excess oil from being produced by the skin.

How To Use:

The best way to apply this product is by smoothing it on the affected areas. Apply the gel directly to the blemishes on your skin. You may use the gel before you begin your daily makeup application. To get the quickest results, apply this gel in the morning and at night. The gel works all day to keep your face free from impurities. It also works as you sleep, keeping your skin free of excess oil and bacteria.

When you use this product with others from the Alex Cosmetic line, you will get optimal results. Alex Cosmetic also offers creams, lotions, serums, and exfoliators to keep your skin clear and beautiful. Making this gel a part of your daily routine will ensure that you achieve the intended results. If you suffer from blemished skin, this product can help you to combat the problem safely and effectively. 

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