Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz

Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz

Item#: ALEX1020_5352_5597

The Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz is a masking cream that is used by modern professional women who are always on the go. Looking perfect on all occasions is of top priority for career-driven women and this mask gives a firming effect to the skin.

Product Description


  • Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz is enriched with Panthenol that leaves the skin fresh and smoothens the contours, making it firm.
  • Regular use of the product improves the quality of your skin and reduces the onset of wrinkles.
  • Regular application of Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz structures the skin and gives it a glow like never before
  • Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz has vitamin B5 which leaves the skin moist after use and also catalyses cell growth as well as tissue repair. This cream is exempt from side-effects like reddening, swelling, pigmentation or inflammation. 

Directions to Apply

1)Take considerable amount of the masking cream on the four fingers (excluding the thumb) on both hands and brush the tips slowly against the skin of your cheekbones. From there gradually spread the herbal beauty mask evenly all over your facial skin.

2)Now let the Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz mask rest for about 15 minutes. During this time do not stretch or move the facial skin in any way.

3)Once the 15 minutes are over, peel off the mask. Remove the peel by gently rolling it downwards. This must be done slowly from the top of the face by keeping the fingers straight over the peel and moving it downward while slightly pushing it over the cheeks. Peel off the remaining mask by pulling it inwards from the sides.

Since Alex Cosmetic Beauty Mask 5oz is enriched with Panthenol, the skin is left freshened and supple post its application. This mask is a great way to rejuvenate your skin after removal of make-up. This masking cream is often an essential inmate of beauty packs as it falls in the category of skin care products.