Alex Cosmetic Eye Contour Cream .5oz

Alex Cosmetic Eye Contour Cream .5oz

Item#: ALEX2001_5376_5631

Use this cream to protect, firm, and moisturize the sensitive skin around your eyes, as well as drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to laugh lines, sun exposure, and old age.

Product Description

Product Description:

If you have been looking for a fine, light, and highly effective contour cream for the entire area around your eyes, then look no further!  The Alex Cosmetic Contour Eye Cream is the perfect choice for you! This amazing contour eye cream is packed full of valuable antioxidant complexes, loaded up with necessary vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E, and the main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which gives the skin around your eyes extra needed hydration as well as helps combat visible signs of aging on the skin under and around your eyes. 


When you apply the cream to the areas surrounding your eyes, they are immediately and completely moisturized; this cream provides the maximum amount of moisture all through your day. This eye cream works great under your eye make-up or during your daily moisturizing ensemble.  A little drop of the nutrient packed, fast acting, skin hydrating Alex Cosmetic Contour Eye Cream goes a long, long way for your skin, so this 5 oz. bottle will last you a while! Get yours before this item is completely sold off the shelves.

Directions to apply this eye cream:

Apply the Alex Cosmetic Contour Eye Cream every morning and every evening after washing and drying your face. Apply by gently tapping the eye cream onto the skin around your eyes - pay special attention to the areas beneath your eyes that get dark and sag, as well as the creases in the corners of your eyes - with your index or pinky finger. Remember to only gently tap, and do not scrub the cream into your skin.