Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz

Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz

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Agadir Moisture Masque brings you long lasting results due to its ultra enrichment that deeply conditions your hair leaving it more moisturized, restored and revitalized.

Product Description


 Product Description

Is your hair dull and dry with frizz and split ends and your scalp acting strange? Worry no more! There is a permanent solution, and it is not too late. Regardless of the causes to your hair damage that can range from hot tools, chemical services to whatever you can think of, Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz gives you 100% natural repair, mending its ends, giving elasticity to your hair and that sleek, luxurious look you were craving for. Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz will always leave you with a big smile. Well, a woman‘s hair forms the most vital part of her beauty, and It is so frustrating to have damaged hair, but for some little time, care and love, this has been made more manageable.

You will not want to miss this product among your stretch your hand and reach items you have in your dressing room.

Type of Hair
Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz can be used for all hair types.

Main Benefits

  • Gives you results after the first 3 to 5 minutes of application leaving your hair smoothened, strengthened, and protected.
  • Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz serves all types of hair.
  • Agadir moisture masque 8oz will dry your hair 40 times faster than other hair product you have ever known before due to its humidity resistant feature.
  • Continued use will give permanent results to your damaged hair.
  • Color preserving- It maintains the previous color on your hair and leaves it looking more beautiful.

How to apply Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz

Apply Agadir Moisture Masque 8oz generously on wet hair. Comb through evenly. Leave for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Style your hair as usual.


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