12 Benefits Super Supplement Serum 1.7oz

Item#: 12_benefits_super_supplement_serum

12 Benefits Super Supplement Serum is a one-of-a-kind haircare booster engineered to improve any rinse-out hair preparation you mix it with. Only 8 hand-selected ingredients for longer, stronger, glossier, ultra supple hair!

Product Description

Product Description

Super Supplement is a special hair serum that first improves your favorite hair products and then your hair! Mix it with Conditional Love 30-Second Hair Moisturizer for the ultimate hair repair combination.


  • Superfood enriched concentrate serum 
  • Blends with any hair conditioner or hair masque 
  • Blends with any shampoo to boost performance 
  • Made of fruit, vegetables, flowers, minerals 
  • Noticeable hair improvement in 3 treatments 
  • Proven to reduce cuticle cracks 50% 
  • Restores hair's protective layer 
  • Anti-irritants for scalp care 
  • Glossier, lusher hair 
  • Anti-oxidant sunscreen protects 
  • Biopolymers bind moisture 
  • Weekly use, daily defense

How to Use

Use 1.

Supercharge rinse-out hair conditioners, hair masques, treatments, elixirs. Blend a quarter size amount up to 5 pumps Super Supplement with 12 Benefits Conditional Love hair moisturizer or another hair conditioner type. Comb through. Leave 2-3 minutes. Rinse.

Use 2.

Intense resurfacing / internal beauty aid for compromised, stressed hair. Blend quarter size amount up to 5 pumps Super Supplement by itself to freshly shampooed and towel blotted hair. Comb blend. Secure plastic cap or damp towel on hair. Apply heat for 12 minutes. Rinse. Style.