12 Benefits Hair Perfume No. 12 0.33 oz

12 Benefits Hair Perfume No. 12 0.33 oz

Item#: 12_benefits_hair_perfume_no._12

12 Benefits Hair Perfume No.12 offers a lovely scent of freshness and is specifically designed to benefit hair without making it feel and look oily.

Product Description

Product Description

Using hair perfume is the perfect way to share your scent as you're walking through life, with your hair bouncing and swaying behind you, sending out gentle wafts of fragrance as you go by.

12 Benefits Hair Perfume No. 12 infuses hair with nutrients and moisture wrapped in an alluring, mysterious and sultry scent that is intensely feminine. Create your own air of mystery, diffusing this exotic fragrance with a subtle flip of the hair. 12 Benefits provides a provocative perfume for hair that will get noticed.

Not only does your hair act as your own personal scent diffuser when you wear 12 Benefits Hair Perfume No. 12, but the lightweight formula provides much needed moisture and antioxidants, vitamins and other nourishment to keep hair shiny and healthy. Hair perfume can be used every day, and can be used at night as intensive moisturizing treatment.

Recommended Hair Types

12 Benefits Hair Perfume No. 12 is gently formulated for all types of hair.

Main Benefits

  • Provides natural moisture
  • Hair diffuses a subtle fragrance
  • Lightweight
  • Formulated for hair
  • Provides nutrients
  • Long lasting
  • Natural botanicals
  • Use at night for intense conditioning
  • Natural grain based

How to Use

Beginning in the middle of the hair shaft away from the scalp, spray 12 Benefits Hair Perfume No. 12 directly on hair and style as usual. Alternatively, Hair Perfume No. 12 can also be applied by spraying into the air and walking through the mist. Another method is to bend over and allow hair to hang, spraying again at mid length to the ends of hair shaft. Or, spray Hair Perfume onto a hair brush and then brush through, beginning mid-shaft and brushing to ends.