Terme di Saturnia After-Shave 4.2oz

Terme di Saturnia After-Shave 4.2oz

Item#: 10301_terme_aftershave

After Shave Gel Sensitive Skins

Product Description

An innovative, gentle “cream-gel” which gives a great sensation of comfort and is rapidly absorbed by skin. Its formula contains a soothing vitamin complex that improves skin suppleness, plant extracts to control natural moisture evaporation through skin, hyaluronic acid to correct skin dehydration, plus BIOGLEA, has a long-lasting hydrating and skin pH balancing action. The product leaves skin wonderfully refreshed and gives an instant feeling of comfort, ideal for sensitive skins which are prone to redness or irritation with shaving. Skin immediately feels softer and smoother. Use: after shaving, apply the product gently, lightly massaging in until fully absorbed. Wait a few minutes and then reapply to any irritated areas. Alcohol-free.

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