100% Pure Mint Lip Gift Set

100% Pure Mint Lip Gift Set

Item#: 1HGSML
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100% Pure Mint Lip Gift Set is perfect for holiday gift giving and is packaged in a festive peppermint print gift box containing a Brown Sugar Lip Scrub in Peppermint flavor and two lip balms, on in Berry Mint and one in Orange Mint.

Product Description

Product Description

As with all our 100% Pure products, these lip care products are carefully crafted from natural ingredients. The flavors are extruded from dried fruit and the balms are solidified with an ingenious combination of ingredients that heal and support lip health. Our lip balms contain sunflower oil, beeswax, vitamin E, coconut oil, and other naturally occurring floral and fruit extracts. As the winter chill and dry air settle in, our lips and face get the worst the north wind has to offer, biting our nose and chapping our lips. This gift set heads that cruel wind off at the pass, protecting them from the winter chill. The subtle fruity flavor delights the senses and the mint cools the wicked burn that winter brings. The Brown Sugar Lip Scrub gently takes off some stubborn lip colors with its gentle ingredients and leaves them refreshed with flavor and scent of peppermint.

Recommended Skin Types

100% Pure Mint Lip Gift Set is formulated for all skin types for both men and women.

Main Benefits

  • Relieves dry, burning chapped lips with soothing mint
  • Heals chapped lips with natural organic ingredients
  • Cleans without harsh chemicals, completely removing lip stains and colors
  • Supports lip health with nutrients, helping them retain moisture

How to Use

Pull cap off using a twisting motion. Spread 100% Pure Mint Lip Balm across lips, making two or three passes to ensure complete coverage when applying lip balm. Reapply as often as needed to relieve symptoms of chapped lips or winter wind burned lips. When using Brown Sugar Lip Scrub, dip finger into container and apply a small amount to lips, gently rubbing to remove color. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with lip balm.

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