100% Pure Makeup Blender

100% Pure Makeup Blender

Item#: 100_pure_makeup_blender

This latex free, odor free makeup blender will produce a seamless, natural, dewy finish.

Product Description

Product Description

Use the pointed side for hard to reach places like around the nose and under the eye and the round side for the base of your foundation and/or blush for the cheeks. Unique teardrop design allows you to reach even hard-to-reach spots like around your nose and under the eye.

Skin Types

For those who desire an easy, clean, and flawless foundation application.

How to use

Can be used wet or dry; use wet for a dewy finish. Saturate makeup blender with water and squeeze out excess water. Apply foundation using a bouncing motion to leave no streaks, but instead flawlessly apply your makeup with a natural finish, starting from your forehead, to your nose, then towards the outside of your face. Don't forget the edges of your nose and jawline. Wash after every use. Will last about 3-4 months with proper care.

Tip: To minimize wasting product during application, first dot foundation on face, then blend in using makeup blender.

Key Ingredients

Latex free

Odor Free

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