100% Pure Lips & Tips - Sugar Plummed

100% Pure Lips & Tips - Sugar Plummed

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The 100% Pure Lips & Tips - Sugar Plummed holiday gift set has all of your beauty essentials for this coming holiday season. And it all comes in one great kit so that you'll have everything you need, right at your fingertips!

Product Description

Product Description:

This holiday gift set is ideal for the holiday look you want and need as you celebrate the season and bring in the new year. 

The holiday season can be a busy time of year for all of us and can have a strain on your skin.  You need something that will add back everything the cold winter months will be taking away from your skin.  You need to replenish moisture, elasticity and protection from the cold in general with products you've grown to love and trust.  As with all of Alana's products, you know that you will be getting the top of the line, best quality, clinically tested products on the market that will restore moisture back to your skin.  

This holiday season, have you got sugar plums dancing in your head?  Why not wear them on your lips instead?  With 100% Pure Lips & Tips - Sugar Plummed Holiday Gift Set.

The Sugar Plummed Gift Set Includes: 

  • Nail Polish: Kiss - for beautiful strong, healthy nails during the holiday season.
  • Lip Caramel Lipstick: Truffle - to add a little sugar to your lips for the holidays, this lipstick comes in carmel truffle, one of the most popular and delicious holiday flavors known to man.
  • Nail Glitter: Midsummer Nights Dream - to add variety and dazzle up your nails, this nail glitter will brighten up the night as you celebrate the holiday with cheer.
  • Gemmed Lip Gloss: Moonstone - keep your lips protected from the bitter cold with this Gemmed Moonstone Lip Gloss, you will be sure to light up any room.

With this great Sugar Plummed gift set, you will be all set for the holidays knowing that you've got the best products made from the finest ingredients around.

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