100% Pure Glossing Shampoo 13.5oz

100% Pure Glossy Locks Glossing Shampoo 13.5oz

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100% Pure Glossing Shampoo not only replenishes brittle damaged hair, but it also brings your dull dry hair back to life.

Product Description

Product Description

Our 100% Pure Glossing Shampoo is known for restoring damaged hair and bring dull lifeless hair back to life. Enriched with sea buckthorn berry that contains omega-7, this shampoo also contains vitamin B1 and B2.  Together they work to prevent the hair from thinning as it also reduces hair breakage. The 100% Pure Glossing Shampoo also adds a glossy shine to the hair by sealing the hair cuticle. This prevents any further damage to the hair, all while the hair is able to provide more radiance and reflect more light. 

Because ginger and coconut oil has been added to the 100% Pure Glossing Shampoo, it allows our formula to bring  additional moisture to the hair so that it looks and feels much more healthier, thicker and stronger. 

Our shampoo has been tested and is safe and gentle enough to use on color treated hair.  Additionally, it does not contain detergents, stripping sulfates or synthetic chemicals.  It works perfectly with our 100% Pure Glossing Conditioner.  When used together, you'll receive maximum results, just as the manufacturer intended. After using our products, you'll begin to fall in love with your hair again.

How To Use This  Product

To use the 100% Pure Glossing Shampoo, just massage it into the scalp with your fingertips then rinse.  Repeat as needed.  (For maximum results, use the 100% Pure Glossing Conditioner after shampooing.)

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