100% Pure Glossing Conditioner 13.5oz

100% Pure Glossy Locks Glossing Conditioner 13.5oz

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The 100% Pure Glossing Conditioner has been formulated to restore the hair to its natural state by bringing dull looking hair back to life. It's most active natural ingredients are responsible for repairing damaged hair and replenishing the nutrients that have been damaged or lost.

Product Description

Product Description

Made with sea buckthorn berry that contains omega-7, as well as with vitamin B1 and B2, that work together to prevent the hair from thinning and from breakage, the 100% Pure Glossing Conditioner adds a high gloss shine which takes place by sealing the  hair cuticle. While the hair cuticle is closed, it prevents any further damage from taking place to the hair.  Additionally, the hair begins to reflect more light as a result of it. 

Since ginger and coconut oil has been added to our formula, additional moisture is added, so the hair looks and feels a lot healthier and stronger. Our formula that we've developed is both safe and gentle -  it also work well on color treated hair.  Because this formula is not made with stripping sulfates, synthetic chemicals and detergents, it does not strip or harm color treated hair.

Experience the Difference

Our glossing conditioner restores and brings dull damaged hair back to life. Once you try our product, you'll notice the difference in your hair's texture. Your hair will feel softer and become fuller as its most active ingredients begins its restoration process. Finally, a conditioner that goes directly to the source of your hair's trouble spots and begins the restoration process.  You'll fall in love with your hair again after using our product. You'll want to use the 100% Pure Glossing Conditioner again and again and make a part of your daily hair treatment regiment.

How To Use

To use this product, just massage a sufficient amount on to the scalp with fingertips, then rinse out and style as usual.

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