100% Pure Cruelty Free Short Handle Eye Shadow Brush

100% Pure Cruelty Free Short Handle Eye Shadow Brush

Item#: 100pure_short_eye_shadow_brush

100% Pure Cruelty Free Short Handle Eye Shadow Brush is the perfect size for better control when applying eyeshadow.

Product Description

Product Description

Constructed from durable synthetics, the sturdy handle and soft, delicate fibers of the perfectly curved brush are both treated with a special antimicrobial agent, keeping your eyes protected from viral and bacterial infections. 100% Pure's Eye Shadow brush is small enough to fit neatly into your purse, but also to have superior control over the brush. It can be used to apply any type of eyeshadow from loose powder to palate to cream. Even though the brush is soft, the fibers are strong enough to carry any type of color and can take the roughest, fastest touch up treatment that so often happens when running late. The curved head on the 100% pure Cruelty Free Short Handle Eye Shadow Brush makes blending a breeze, allowing you to create soft transitions between colors. The brush's curve also helps guide color application on the inner portion of your upper eyelid, allowing you to create a clearly defined edge.

Recommended Skin Type

100% Pure Cruelty Free Short Handle Eye Shadow Brush is crafted for every skin type for guilt free, yet professional quality color application.

Main Benefits

  • Cruelty free
  • Short handle for traveling
  • Short handle for better handling
  • Antimicrobial discourages infections
  • Synthetic brush is soft, yet strong
  • Curved top for professional application
  • Use with most types of eyeshadow
  • Constructed for smooth color transitions
  • Shaped for better blending

How to Use

Palate, loose powder or cream eyeshadow color application: When using with color in a palate, draw brush across the cake until enough color is gathered. When using loose powder, dip and tap excess color off brush. When using cream color, draw brush gently across surface to obtain color. Begin on the bottom of the eyelid with darker shades. Place color filled brush on eyelid beginning at the inner corner, drawing color away, over the eyelid toward the outer corner. Add complementary color above this and use brush to blend. Clean brush completely between colors.

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