100% Pure Cruelty Free Eyeliner Brush

100% Pure Cruelty Free Eyeliner Brush

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100% Pure Cruelty-Free Eyeliner Brush is finely-pointed for precision and made with synthetic fibers to be 100% cruelty free!

Product Description

Product Description

The 100% Pure Cruelty Free Eyeliner Brush allows you to enhance your overall look by effortlessly boosting the look of your eyes.  It can be applied in one smooth line, or by dabbing the brush across the eyelid.  This brush is so fine, that you don't have to worry about spillage onto your eyelashes. Although this brush is precise enough for a smooth pro-like thin line, you can also use it to create thicker lines as well if you prefer thicker lines.  What that means is that it's you can create the line of your choice, more subtle lines for everyday use or winged lines when going out at night.  Either way, you'll get the look you want with the 100% Pure Cruelty Free Eyeliner Brush.You can enhance your look with this perfect tool a for precise, smooth, clean application of either wet or dry eye products to achieve different results. This brush is great for beginners and experienced users too. And it's really great for those who like to try different types of liners to get the look they're going after, because basically, this is really such a great brush!  

Skin Types

This product is universal and can be used on all skin types.  

How to Use This Product

 Use with gel eyeliners for a precise or fine line application.

Use the 100% Pure Cruelty Free EyeLiner Brush to provide your eyes with that extra enhancement with precision to look your best.  It is flexible enough to  be used with either a powder liner or gel liner.


This brush is not only an attractive brush, but it is also made by using 100% antibacterial synthetic fibers. Pick up yours today.

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