100% Pure Cruelty Free Angled Brush

100% Pure Cruelty Free Angled Brush

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100% Pure Cruelty Free Angled Brush offers expert precision with every stroke and is made cruelty free.

Product Description

 Product Description

Bring out the inner makeup artist in you with the 100% Pure Cruelty Free Angled Brush.  The brush can be used for lining the eyes with either wet, dry, or cream-based cosmetics, as well as shading and filling in the eyebrows; all performed with expert precision.  The angled tip allows you to apply color in the corners of the eyes and other hard to reach places, allowing either a thick or thin application of color. The versatility achieved with the brush makes the blending of cosmetics easy to achieve.  Smooth and blend cosmetics to create a variety of glamorous looks with ease and perfection.  The synthetic brush fibers are anti-bacterial making them a cinch to maintain.  Cruelty-free and a true addition to any full brush collection, the 100% Pure Cruelty Free Angled Brush is the way to go for flawless make-up application.

Skin Type

Suitable for all Skin Types


  • Cruelty-Free with Synthetic Antibacterial Fibers
  • Allows Precise Application of Brow Color
  • Even Uniform Coverage
  • More Polished Finish
  • More Sanitary and Green to Use Brushes
  • Multiple Uses
  • More Ease of Use than Fingers and Other Disposable Tools
  • Colors can be Blended Seamlessly
  • Brushes don't Contaminate Cosmetics like Fingers Do
  • Synthetic Brush Fibers are Extremely Durable 
  • Synthetic Brushes Don't Absorb Makeup Pigment
  • Synthetic Brushes are a Better Choice for People with Allergies are Skin Sensitivities
  • Can be Used with Creams, Powders, and Liquids

Directions for Use

Start with a clean brush and gently dip the brush into the cosmetic of choice.  Thoroughly coat the brush fibers and shake off any excess cosmetic. Apply color using gentle sweeping motions,  applying color to any area you desire. Use the angle of the brush to apply the color in the creases of your eyes.  After the desired amount of color has been applied, use the brush to smooth and spread the color and evenly.


Antibacterial Synthetic Fibers

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