100% Pure Bath Sponge - Set of 2

100% Pure Bath Sponge - Set of 2

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Skin looks and feels much softer and cleaner with the use of a 100% Pure Bath Sponge.

Product Description

Product Description

100% Pure Bath Sponge comes as a set of two. Each one is constructed from recycled plastic and is both practical and green. These sponges are a great way to support the environment while exfoliating the skin. Made in a number of brilliant colors, these bath sponges make the perfect bath accessory. These are long lasting and since they are made of recycled plastic, this product works to keep plastic bottles out of land fills and off the street, as well as out of our oceans. Using a 100% Pure Bath Sponge not only helps preserve the environment, it helps to rejuvenate the skin, exfoliating it and encouraging new skin cells to grow. The 100% Pure Bath Sponge creates a frothy lather that the skin luxuriates in. The small holes allow the lather to work its way through, building it into a refreshing fist full of bubbles. The lather can be thick with very little water in the sponge, or simply add more water to make it thinner and easily spread onto the body. Use the bath sponge to wash all parts of the body, especially the backs of the arms and legs that can build up rough and bumpy skin. Colors will vary and are random.

Recommended Skin Types

100% Pure Bath Sponge is made for all skin types.

Main Benefits

  • Recycled plastic keeps empty water bottles out of landfills
  • Helps exfoliate skin, leaving it soft and supple
  • Provides a better clean than a washcloth alone can provide
  • Long lasting
  • Attractive and easy to care for

How to Use

Get 100% Pure Bath Sponge wet and express a small amount of 100% Pure Body Wash onto the sponge. Work into a lather using circular movements, covering entire body with a rich lather.

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