The Trademark Signs of Aging

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Crow’s feet, or smile lines, are one of the trademark signs of aging, and people have looked for ways to reduce these fine lines and keep themselves looking young and great. Like many beauty and skincare brands that have come up with products and services specialized in anti-aging, Skin Care by Alana has an all-natural, powerful formula that erases those wrinkles right off!

Our spa in Dana Point offers a wide collection of specially designed anti-wrinkle solution that’s made with plant extracts and peptide technology to keep your skin plump, hydrated and taut. Safe for all skin types, this formula gives your eyes a gentle cleanse, fast-acting treatment, pH balance, and protection against dirt and makeup.

Book a one-on-one consultation with one of our skincare experts at our Dana Point spa clinic in person, via phone call, or by visiting our website for more information and inquiries. With Skin Care by Alana’s anti-wrinkle eye cream, you can enjoy easy and painless skin tightening that takes years off of your face and keeps your skin looking firm and youthful!

Everyone loves the occasional trip to the beach, especially when you’ve had a rough few weeks (or even months). But with the fun comes a few things to keep in mind so you don’t accidentally get sunburn or other damaging effects of extended sun exposure. With our Dana Point spa’s specially designed sunscreen formula, you won’t just protect your skin from the sun, you’ll keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free!

Skin Care by Alana’s line of organic sunscreen is unique for their natural anti-aging benefits that you’ll see and feel when you look in the mirror. With its ultra-absorbent and water-resistant cream, you’ll be able to enjoy swimming time at the pool or the beach without worrying about washing off the sunscreen before it has set in your skin.

Schedule your visit at our Dana Point spa clinic by getting in touch with our staff in person or by phone call, or go on our website for more information on our products and services and send us a message. Let this all-natural, nutrient-rich sunscreen keep your skin hydrated and protected while you’re out in the sun!

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