Leading Dermatologist

Dana Point, California

Like Dana Point’s leading dermatologists, we believe that one of the secrets to having gorgeously smooth and clear skin is keeping your pores tight and clean. Our spa has a collection of pore treatment cream that hydrates and smooths out your skin for a refreshing, youthful glow.

Skin Care by Alana’s unique pore refining formula has a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients and essential vitamins and oils that effectively minimizes and tightens your pores. Recommended by Dana Point’s top estheticians, this special pore treatment solution keeps your skin smooth, even and young-looking. This formula absorbs all the excess oil on your face and purifies your pores from the buildup of dust, dirt and makeup that keeps you looking radiant and refreshed!

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our skincare experts down at our Dana Point, CA spa, giving us a phone call, or leaving us a message on our website. Enjoy smooth, evenly toned skin for a renewed, youthful appearance!

For the past several years, the beauty industry has been concerned with finding a more lasting, and even permanent solution to those pesky hairs that keep growing on your body. The answer? Laser hair removal treatments!

Skin Care by Alana offers a collection of easy to use, skin-safe laser hair removal devices that won’t have you break the bank and keeps you from repeatedly shaving your legs and underarms. Personally tested by Dana Point’s top dermatologists, our FDA-approved selection of devices removes unwanted hair on your body without any residue while keeping it smooth and healthy. Finish with our brand of body lotion and cream to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Schedule your laser hair removal sessions with our team of licensed estheticians by dropping by our Dana Point spa clinic, giving us a call, or leaving a message on our website. Get smooth and hair-free skin with an advanced, completely painless laser treatment from Skin Care by Alana!

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