Face Masks

Most Popular Skincare Products

Face masks are some of the most popular skincare products since the beauty industry boomed several years ago, and for good reason. Not only are they easy to use and apply to your skincare routine, their exceptional hydrating and detoxifying properties let you get some much needed self-care while you’re watching TV or doing some chores!

Skin Care by Alana has a wonderful collection of face masks, including a unique foaming mask solution that gives you skin an instant cleanse with one wash. Safe for all skin types and made with organic plant extracts, use this mask on a daily basis and experience skin rejuvenation like never before!

Book an appointment with our staff for our unique foaming masks and face care treatments by dropping by our Dana Point spa clinic, giving us a call, or visiting our website for more information. Get clear, dewy and soft skin with Skin Care by Alana’s all-natural and soothing facial mask!

Have you ever heard of the infamous T-Zone? If your answer is yes, then you know that the T-Zone, or your forehead and the bridge of your nose, is one of the most acne-prone areas and draws the most oil, dust and bacteria, leading to nasty breakouts, too-shiny skin and rough texture.

Luckily, with Skins by Alana’s special face mask formula, you never have to worry about an oily, pimply T-Zone ever again! Made of plant extracts and activated charcoal, this facial mask detoxifies your skin from the inside out, clearing your skin from any excess oil and dust buildup that cause acne breakouts and dark spots. Its all organic ingredients keep your skin tight and firm, and minimize your pores, leaving you with smooth, dewy skin and a radiant glow!

Schedule an appointment with us by coming down to our Dana Point, CA spa, giving us a call, or visiting our website for more information. Enjoy clear, radiant skin with Skin Care by Alana’s special T-Zone facial mask!

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