Powder Blends

Powder Blends

Professional Use Only. Osmosis Powder Blends let you customize your Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare regimen to maximize benefits for your unique skin.  Each powder includes key, active ingredients that target a particular skin condition to improve your ability to treat it.  Mix Osmosis Powder Blends with your favorite Osmosis Serums or Masks as desired for a customized, targeted approach to taking care of your skin.
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Available in six specially formulated options with targeted active ingredients, Osmosis Powder Blends are the perfect way to kick your skin care regimen into high gear.


  • Acne Blend - neutralizes the bacteria that causes acne, encourages skin cell turnover, and improves the skin’s healing process to fight clogged pores and resultant acne
  • Anti-Aging Blend - encourages the remodeling of scar tissues while enhancing skin cell growth and production; also provides antioxidant protection against environmental elements
  • Calming Blended - soothes and cools inflammation and irritation with Chinese herbs and organic botanicals; boosts the skin’s natural repair capabilities
  • Lightening Blend - uses amino acids that lighten pigmentation and brighten the overall complexion; works well with Vitamin C Blend for even more intense benefits
  • Vitamin C Blend - protects the skin from environmental damage by removing free radicals while stimulating collagen production for a firmer, less wrinkled complexion; also has skin brightening capabilities
  • Skin Nutrition Blend - gives the skin the amino acid building blocks it needs to create collagen, elastin, and new skin cells; naturally moisturizes the skin while enhancing natural barriers for improved long-term hydration; improves a variety of skin conditions


Take your Osmosis Skin Care treatment regimen to another level with Osmosis Powder Blends!  With active ingredients that target your specific skin issues, the Powder Blends put the power to get better results in your hands.  With consistent use, you’ll notice even more enhanced benefits from your skin care products and less apparent skin problems.


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