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Dr. Ben Johnson founded Osmosis Skincare in response to a shift in the direction of skin care that was long overdue. The fact is that the majority of skin care products on the market today focus on the wrong layer of skin: the epidermis. Unfortunately, this results in a losing battle because the majority of skin damage and aging actually occurs in the dermis layer of the skin. This is where Osmosis Skincare comes in.
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Notice: We do not ship Osmosis overseas, only to the US! In 2007 a new approach to skin care began. Dr. Ben Johnson founded Osmosis Skincare in response to a shift in the direction of skin care taht was long overdue. The fact is that the majority of skin care products on the market today focus on the wrong layer of skin: the epidermis. Unfortunately, this results in a losing battle because the majority of skin damage and aging actually occurs in the dermis layer of the skin. This is where Osmosis Skincare comes in. Using scientifically proven methods and sound research, Dr. Johnson created a line of skincare products that treats and restores the dermis layer of the skin using a very effective process called dermal remodeling. Unlike many skin care products that overuse exfoliation techniques and pointlessly target the outermost layer of the skin, Osmosis Skincare treats the skin in the area where it makes a real difference. Osmosis Skincare respects your skin’s natural protective barrier, the epidermis, and leaves it intact to do the job for which it was intended, to protect the dermis from toxins, retain hydration, normalize oil production, and repel UV rays. The goal at Osmosis Skincare is to help restore your dermis (and epidermis to its youthful healthy state for more beautiful skin.

In addition to the critical mission of restoring health to the dermis and epidermis, Osmosis Skincare accomplishes one vital task with all of its skin care products: increasing the absorption rate of skin care solutions into your skin. Osmosis Skincare’s products achieve this at an incredible rate that is 1000% better than other leading skin care products. You read correctly: One Thousand Percent! You se that the typical skin care formula only penetrates the skin at an absorption level of 2-3%. This means the majority of the product you are applying to your skin is not sinking in. A whopping 98% of the leading skin care product is evaporating away, never reaching your skin cells. This is simply not ot true with Osmosis Skincare products. With Osmosis, every single formula you apply is absorbed by your skin at a remarkable rate of 25%, a claim that Osmosis Skincare can back up with over 100 supporting research articles. In fact, Osmosis Skincare products are of such high-grade ingredients and performance that the entire line is comparable to most medical grade formulas.

With such incredible data, it’s no wonder Osmosis Skincare has risen to the top of the industry in such a short time. But it’s not just data that makes Osmosis so popular- see for yourself: use Osmosis Skincare for beautiful, flawless, healthy skin…from the inside out! Skin Care by Alana, in Orange County, CA, proudly offers the entire line of Osmosis Skincare products. Order today online, or call one of our experienced estheticians who will be happy to answer any questions or take your order, 7 days a week!

Common Questions About Osmosis Skincare

1. Can you use Osmosis while pregnant?
Yes. All Osmosis products may be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Vitamin A while pregnant is 2,500 IU (international units) per/day and while breastfeeding the RDA is 4,000 IU. When using Osmosis Active A Serums, depending on the % of Retinaldehyde your specific serum contains, you will not exceed 300 IU per/day even if using the strongest serum available at 2x per/day. Our Facial Infusion non-acid peel is also safe to receive while pregnant or breastfeeding as it does not exceed 1,500 IU of Vitamin A. Of course it is always recommended to consult with your physician while pregnant or breastfeeding before the use of any active products or supplements.

2. Is Osmosis packaging recyclable?
Yes. All of our packing is recyclable. Our Harmonized Waters are also packaged in BPA free plastic!

3. How soon can I use Osmosis after a peel or microderm?
If you have received a peel, microderm or any other form of professional exfoliation, it is recommended to stop use of your Osmosis products containing Vitamin A which include all Active A Serums for 5-7 days, or until your skin has normalized. You may continue to use all other products while your skin is re-normalizing including cleansers, clear, antioxidant serums, and moisturizers/sun protection. Our Repair healing balm is especially helpful to aid in the repair of your skin following those treatments.

4. Can I cocktail all of my serums together? EX: (stem factor, replenish, treatment serum, and catalyst) ?
We suggest applying Stem Factor onto cleansed skin, massaging in until absorbed and following with the application of Catalyst combined with an Active A Serum and massaging in until absorbed. Replenish may also be combined with your Active A Serum or applied individually. It is truly up to you and what works best with your skin and your schedule. We encourage you to try cocktailing your products until you find the right fit!

5. Why is the color of the products always different?
Osmosis is an all natural line and does not contain any artificial coloring or additives. We source all of our ingredients in a raw fashion and because of this, batches may change in color due to the nature of the ingredients.

Osmosis Skin Care is a new approach to skin care. It was developed by Dr. Ben Johnson to focus on dermal remodeling instead of excessive exfoliation. Dr. Ben Johnson was the founder and formulator of Osmosis Skin Care. He developed Osmosis to work for various kinds of skin conditions and for all types of skin. This line of products was created to using scientifically proven methods and research to target the skin where it makes a difference and not just the outer layer of the skin. The epidermis is the protective layer of the skin and Osmosis Skin Care targets the dermis and the epidermis for a more healthy and beautiful skin. Osmosis skin care products aid the skin to absorb the skin care solutions in a fster and more efficient way. Most other brands cannot achieve the absorption rate Osmosis products provide. In the case of Osmosis skin care products, the solutions are absorbed well and reach the skin cells in an effective way.

Osmosis skin care has a great reputation due to the high quality ingredients used and the effective results it obtains. It treats the skin from the inside out giving you a healthy glow and leaving you with flawless skin. This natural line of products does not contain any additive or any kind of artificial coloring. The ingredients used are in its simple, purely raw form. The Osmosis Cleansers and Facial Conditioners of are very effective in eliminating all dirt, toxins and make up from the skin. These products do not strip the skin of its barrier which protects the skin and do not make the skin dry after use. One can choose from Osmosis’ Gentle Cleanser, Enzyme Wash, Facial Cleanser and Facial Conditioner. Use these products to cleanse, deeply clean, purify, and clear your skin for a refreshed look and feel.

The Osmosis Serums can do wonders for your skin and rejuvenate your look. Osmosis Moisturizers and Sun Protection products help to restore the skin’s protective layer and hydrate the skin providing it natural moisturizing nutrients. Masks and Peels from Osmosis offer certified organic masks and peels. These can be used on different types of skin and one can choose from the herbal masks, speciality masks, non chemical peels and repair balms. Osmosis Eye Treatments called Refresh and Refresh PM are eye repair serums that smooth and firm your skin. These eye serums reduce dark circles and puffiness under eyes. We recommend this high grade brand of line for a refreshed and healthy from within skin. If you are seeking any reviews of Osmosis products click the link!


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