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Magnifibres instantly offers simply sexy eyelashes. While using any mascara you have they key to longer and thicker lashes. Everyday use or for special occasions, these 100% natural fibres work wonders, no glue, no mess, just luscious long lashes!

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What's the Benefit Over False Eyelashes:

The fibres are completely natural and bind to your natural lashes. Covered with mascara, it looks as if it was only your own eye lashes and nothing added. No need for glue and you're not at risk of losing your false lashes.

False Eyelashes Made Premium:

More people than ever are swapping false eyelashes for the option with no glue, no mess, just glamour. With results like these in seconds, its easy to see why Magnifibres are so popular. The combination of simplicity, subtlety, and stylish packaging means that unlike most false eyelashes.



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