Information about Lucrece.


Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research, Inc. (LPAR) 

Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research, Inc., commonly referred to as LPAR, has made groundbreaking progress in skincare using stem cell technology. This scientific approach to skin care has wowed the world with its innovative stem cell based skincare products. LPAR began in San Clemente, California in 1993, the vision of three pioneering souls; an aesthetician, a cosmetic surgeon and a dermatologist. These professionals believed the answer to many of the issues presented them in the clinical setting could be addressed using skin cell therapy, yielding a much better response than procedures and products could produce. Together they set out to create superior skincare products to be prescribed by physicians that could effectively target aging and hyper-pigmentation.

Product Revolution

Dispensing their original products through fellow doctors allowed the group to receive feedback about the way patients responded to their skincare creations, and the response was good. Patients were amazed at not only how effective these products proved to be, but also at how quickly they began to work. Demand for their products soon soared, spread solely by word of mouth. Friends, relatives and acquaintances began clamoring for Lucrèce skincare, leading the group to take their products to the public.

Today, Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research produces some of the finest scientifically formulated skincare products that yield real results. Lucrèce products contain the latest compounds for anti-aging and other skincare issues. Now focused on expanding their line, Lucrèce is always working to refine their revolutionary skincare products focusing on product effectiveness in clinical evaluations with results oriented products, while keeping a straightforward approach regarding product knowledge and regimens.

Stem Cells and Skin Care

Lucrèce found that using stem cells boosts their products effectiveness by providing support to peptide dependent cellular functions deep inside cells, triggering them into repairing and supporting existing skin cells and skin stem cells by renewing their ability to absorb and utilize nutrients used in restorative processes.

Peptides function as messengers inside the cell, signaling restorative and repairing processes to begin. Some of these functions include production of compounds that support cells, such as actin for increased cell strength and elasticity. Stem cells support these activities and extend cell life, improving cellular health.

The effects of these cellular activities can be seen in skin as diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin tone. Skin becomes more supple and plump as it becomes healthier and hydrated. The pace of this change is greatly accelerated with stem cells.

Every cell has a limited lifespan, including stem cells. Over time DNA is degraded or damaged by environmental and health factors such as age, leading to cell death. Oxidation caused by free radicals can greatly reduce cell life. When our skin's stem cells die, our ability to rejuvenate our skin dies with them. This eventually leads to aging skin, but with stem cell skincare, we can reverse some of the aging process by supporting stem cell dependent processes. 

Stem cell skincare gives skin regenerative support, adding lifespan to current skin cells, including stem cells. It also slows collagen degradation, boosts antioxidant activity, fights aging and increases the effectiveness of crucial cellular processes, such as peptide activities so vital for healthy skin.

Lucrèce's Product Standards

As Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research continues to evolve, the group vows to maintain the following values:

  • No animals will ever be used for testing our products or for stem cell donation. We will never use animal sources for our collagen or any ingredients.
  • To safeguard your health, we will never add paraben to our products.
  • Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research pledges to maintain the standards of our professional skincare products. We will use only naturally occurring ingredients, following the most current scientific technologies to formulate our products using cutting edge research.
  • We continue to be mindful of the environment and use minimal packing. Our products are never individually boxed, reducing waste, and we use recycled and biodegradable materials in manufacturing our skincare containers.
  • Our commitment to our customer's skin's health and appearance continues to be our main priority, providing customer support, education and continuing with current research.

Lucrèce Physicians’ Aesthetic Research continues to strive for better products to help their client's skin, discovering new and better products to address every aspect of skin care. We stand behind our research and our products, backing them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please call us at (800) 626-7546 if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your professional skincare product.