About page for the Lucrece.

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What is Lucrece

Lucrece is a large world widespread research institute dealing with research on human skin products. It was established in San Clemente, California in 1993. The whole project is as a result of three professionals, a dermatologist, an aesthetician and a cosmetic surgeon. The three worked hand in hand to come effectively up with products that would be used by humans to counter the effect of aging and hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Basically, after the union, the project got an identity and is currently and worldwide known as Lucrece Physicians’ Aesthetic Reseach (LPAR). Lucrece is closely connected to the medical field in that its products are sold to skin professionals, so it has been proven to be 100% legal. 
All of LPAR products have been tested and proven to be non-harmful to human skin unless if misused. Ever since its products were tested in California, they are global after the clients have acknowledged them. Today it has become a part of the skin industry in ensuring it reaches its objective and goals to its esteemed customers.

Why it was established.

Lucrece is a leading industry dealing with human skin products associated with aging and hyper-pigmentation. It works in close collaboration with skin therapists in ensuring that skin care is improved among the affected. 
The industry is in the forefront line to ensure that its products are tested and released to its clients for usage. With Lucrece, enough research has been done, and more is still in progress to ensure that its products and other products are genuinely for human consumption.
Lucrece ensures that their clients through the skin professionals and therapists recover from skin problems. Lucrece has succeeded in selling their products in different places by just a click online. 
All their products are regularly updated on their website for their clients. Despite selling its products, Lucrece is still running innovative by their day to day research to making new products and verifying illegal products in the market. Most of their work is research on products which is the basis for every skin care and treatment. 
They believe in answers before cure. LPAR products are still standing worthy and fit through the several diagnosis that has been made to different clients. To those who they supply especially, the skin professionals, they still come back for more and with lots of approval. They want to keep being the best to their clients in making sure every broken and worn out skin is recovered. They always and will keep their customers on the front line.

Relevance of its establishment

Lucrece has ever since continued growing. It’s among the best-selling skin products to its clients. A lot has significantly improved ever since it became operational and for sure it’s taking over the industry through its customer’s supportive and positive feed backs to their products.

Lucrece has made the following possible:

  • Skin treatment – Lucrece relies on facts and not fictions.They ensure answers and valid products and information to their clients. They have taken all their time to learn and understand the human skin. They can rule out different errors and make an appropriate diagnosis and that’s why this industry is mostly working in line with the medical line.
  •  Skin products sale – LPAR products are currently available to anyone. With their online website, it’s just by a click to see their products and make an order. Their clients are always returning for more since the products have shown success to people with skin disorders. Their work must be genuine. 
  • Improvement in Research - The industry has really challenged other industries making skin products. Its products are after thorough research. It gives their customers confidence even as they sell their products. Lucrece believes in curing and not to be bogus in their line of duty like some quarks are doing it. A lot has been argued in the field of skin products, and that’s why the LPAR products are fully released after thorough research.
  •  Prognosis has improved – Lucrece has made sure that ability of an individual to recur from the same skin problem after treatment to be impossible. Their clients have believed in us. 

Lucrece will make sure that it continues to offer the best to its customers and always genuine skin care products fully verified and thoroughly tested.