Lollia At Last

Lollia At Last

At Last, a new fragrance by Margot Elena, features a light, floral mix of rice flower powder, magnolias grown in the south, and demure mimosa.  Each product in the Lollia At Last Series of products features this alluring aroma derived from natural botanical extracts along with other natural ingredients designed to nourish the skin, relax the spirit, and revive the soul.  At Last, you’ve found a series of products with a fragrance perfect for daily use - not too strong while still enough to get you noticed.  
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Lollia At Last Series


Each Lollia At Last product is uniquely packaged in a decorative, French-inspired yellow print that is as pleasing on the eyes as the aroma is on the fragrance.  Perfect for display or decorating a guest bathroom, Lollia At Last is stylish and elegant, feminine and strong, bold and subtle.  


The Lollia At Last series of products includes:

  • At Last Bubble Bath - relaxing bath treatment that nourishes the skin with essential oils while providing a relaxing, spa experience int he comfort of your own home
  • At Last Eau de Parfum - perfume perfect for special occasions or daily use
  • At Last Shea Butter Handcreme - specially formulated hand lotion that penetrates the thick skin of the hands with rich hydration, improves skin cell metabolism, and provides soft, youthful hands
  • At Last Petite Luminary - scented candle that burns up to 56 hours with a rich, soy blend; perfectly aromatic to create ambience and drama, making the coldest rooms feel warm and inviting
  • At Last Perfumed Shower Gel - aromatic gel that lathers into a rich foam to purify the skin while infusing it with a nourishing, reviving blend of ingredients
  • At Last Shea Butter Soap - triple-milled soap that is ultra-pure to deep clean the skin; infused with nourishing shea butter to hydrate the skin, protect, provide anti-aging benefits, and revive tired complexions


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