Information about Ling's Promise.


A Hong Kong native, at 21 Ling Chan immigrated to New York and embarked on a career in esthetics, honing her already superior beauty industry skills. By 1984, Ling had opened her first Spa on the prestigious 5th avenue at the intersection of 57th Street. Although she was ingratiating into the mainstream culture of America, she never ignored her own heritage, keeping it at the forefront of her endeavors

In the Beginning

Time after time she would find that products available did not meet her expectations based on their marketing promises. Ling found products available to her unacceptable and began to develop her own skin care products, relying on her heritage to deliver products that truly live up to their promise. She turned away from the trend of additives, steering her formulas away from ingredients commonly used then such as lanolin, mineral oils and artificial fragrances and colors that cause skin irritation.

Ling's products focused on the basic principles of exfoliating dead skin cells and hydrating emerging fresh cells. This concept incorporates the underlying principles of balance that are integrated into Asian culture. By focusing her skin care line using these ideas, Ling approached skincare by keeping it healthy and by addressing skin care issues as they arose, creating a pro-active line. She soon earned the attention of the Hollywood elite, and her reputation for providing superior, effective skin care products soon caught the attention of stars such as Meg Ryan, Barbara Streisand, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Alexander Wang, Mariah Carey, and Rene Zelleweger, who were all clamoring for Ling Chen Facials.

As time passed, Ling's focus began to move toward the holistic approach and the mind, body, spirit connection that affects our overall well-being. While this concept has been studied and practiced for centuries in Asia, Ling found it to be a relatively new idea in America. Over the last 30 years, Ling has built a reputation on providing products that produce results. Her approach is no longer a foreign concept, but has been embraced by American's of every ethnicity and background who realize how important it is to have a healthy connection between the mind, body and spirit.

LING's Promise

"With 40 years of hands on experience, I devoted my passion to skin care. I have treated every type of skin and every type of client. With this extensive knowledge, every formulation is developed with a holistic philosophy merging traditional Asian beauty principles with State- of-the-Art ingredients. Blending the best of both worlds for maximum benefits to the skin. Each formulation goes through extensive ‘real life’ testing, meaning the product must be overwhelmingly loved for their results before launching. All designed to offer you the most effective skin care to treat existing skin ailments while also preventing the causes of future skin mishaps from occurring."

What this means for her customers is that they never need worry about the effectiveness of her products, that she will always use every bit of her experience and information to formulate her products holistically. Her products are always made with the most up-to-date technology using only the finest ingredients that will treat skin gently, taking care of any problems skin may be experiencing and clearing up any issue that could cause skin problems in the future. It means that Ling skin care products can be trusted to deliver the results exactly what they promise and that they can be used with confidence.