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Beloved by Oprah, The Cottage Greenhouse, Lollia, Tokyo Milk, and Library of Flowers offer gorgeous and giftable products that fly off the shelves!

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Library Of Flowers



A triple-scented perfume replacement: the Art of Perfume Delivery Reimagined.

Eau de parfum captured in an extra-rich crème base. Triple-scented, designed to capture fragrance & slowly release when applied for long lasting perfume delivery. 


Customize your fragrance level: One dollop will do – but two or three will delight.
Simply layer for day to night. Has three times the fragrance of the Eau de Parfum.

Palm-sized tin. Portable –– take it in your purse as a parfum replacement. Not a solid perfume.


The Story of this Eau de Parfum. Carefully crafted to create memorable journeys through sight and scent. You are invited into the Library of Flowers where moments are captured in artful perfumes waiting to be released upon happy whim. The perfect pick me up to nourish the senses and inspire the gardens of the imagination. to be continued… 

Wooden box for handcrafted feel, fashion forward, textile inspired mix & match patterns, foil embossing, hand distressed fabric tie, signature colored bottle, silk screen label, together making this a stunning collection!