Physician Only (Advanced MD)

Physician Only (Advanced MD)

The advanced line from GloTherapeutics represents the most potent, innovative products in the GloTherapeutics line.  In fact, the formulations are so intense, Skin Care by Alana needed a doctor’s authorization to sell them.  With levels of active ingredients as high as possible without requiring a prescription, GloTherapeutics advanced products provide targeted treatments that treat, correct, and improve your skin from the inside out so it feels healthy and looks radiant and beautiful. 

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Glo Therapeutics  


Specifically engineered to combat the signs of aging, GloTherapeutics advanced products target the age signs at the source, correcting them from the ground up for a smoother, more elastic, more youthful complexion.


If you’re looking to tighten fine lines an wrinkles, the GloTherapeutics line has an offering for you.


GloTherapeutics Glycolic Cleanser stimulates cellular renewal while deep cleaning the skin to prepare it to receive further active, anti-aging ingredients.  Similarly, GloTherapeutics Refine Cleanser purifies the skin while targeting pigmentation issues, brightening the overall skin tone while lifting away hyper-pigmentation and age-spots.  


If you need a moisturizer, try GloTherapeutics 15% Glycolic Cream.  This exfoliating treatment unclogs pores, moisturizes the skin, and reduces the inflammation that leads to aging.  Another great moisturizer is GloTherapeutics Refine Hydrator, which features a powerful, rejuvenating blend of peptides to stimulate cell activity and create a fresh, smooth complexion.


Everyone wants to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and GloTherapeutics is here to help.  GloTherapeutics Tretinol 1% penetrates the skin, promoting cellular production of collagen for increased skin elasticity and fewer age signs.  Working on contact, Tretinol 1% provides almost instantaneous anti-aging benefits.  GloTherapeutics Eye Treatment works in much the same way, targeting the delicate skin around the eyes with similar active ingredients to reduce expression lines and give the eye area a lift.


The GloTherapeutics advanced line will yield unparalleled results in your quest to combat the aging process in your skin.  Try it today, and you’ll see why we needed a doctor’s approval before we could even offer it for sale.


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