Glo Minerals Travel

Glo Minerals Travel

There’s nothing worse than having to sacrifice your skin care regimen just because you’re out on the road.  Whether your on a business trip or taking a much needed vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the quality skin care program you’ve come to know and love.  The GloMinerals Body Travel Kit has everything you need to take care of your skin when you aren’t able to be at home.

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The GloMinerals Body Travel Kit features the flavors/scents of Anjou Pear and Grapefruit to invigorate your senses while rejuvenating your complexion.  You’ll love the way these products work on your skin, and you’ll enjoy the pleasurable sensory experience you have while you use them.  Pamper yourself no matter your destination with GloMinerals Body Travel Kit.  


Each 2oz size version of a GloMinerals treatment product is TSA approved, so you won’t have any trouble getting through airport security.  Pack them in your carry-on or your checked suitcase so you can enjoy the quality of GloMinerals skin care wherever you’re headed.  


The GloMinerals Body Wash purifies your skin from head to toe, washing away impurities to reveal a smooth, radiant complexion.  Use it daily to get an even skin tone that looks and feels younger.


GloMinerals Sugar Body Polish scrubs away dead skin cells and other impurities, stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process for a healthier, more vibrant complexion.  When you rinse it away, your skin will feel softer and look more youthful.


GloMinerals Body Butter nourishes the skin after your bath or shower with moisture and reviving nutrients.  While it conditions the skin for a softer, smoother texture, it also brightens the tone of the skin for a more radiant appearance.


The GloMienrals Body Travel Kit even includes a scented candle!  You can have a spa-like, zen experience no matter where you are!


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