Glo Minerals Body

Glo Minerals Body

You know how well GloMinerals improves the health and beauty of the skin on your face, but it might be a surprise to find out that the same level of beautifying, health-enhancement is also now available for the rest of your skin.  GloMinerals Body products improve your skin from head to toe, providing firmer, more youthful, radiant skin that looks gorgeous and feels the same.

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Glo Minerals  


GloMinerals Moisturizing Body Wash purifies the skin, removing pore-clogging impurities to give the skin a pure, radiant finish.  The nourishing formula is more than just a cleanser - it’s also a moisturizer.  While purifying the skin of impurities, it showers the skin in moisture for a plump, smooth finish that is firm and luminescent.


GloMinerals Sugar Body Polish works after the body wash to further deep clean the skin from head to toe.  The exfoliating treatment removes dead skin cells and other impurities so the skin looks polished.  At the same time, it enhances the skin’s renewal process for a healthier complexion with more vibrance.


GloMinerals Body Butter drenches all layers of the skin down to the dermis with rejuvenating moisture.  It penetrates even the driest, toughest skin using a blend of botanical extracts and natural emollients to moisturize the skin and enhance natural barriers to lock that moisture in.  Apply it over the entire body every day to provide the skin the essential moisture it needs to be healthy and achieve maximum radiance.


You can even get all of the above products at once with a travel kit!


GloMinerals Smoothing Salt Scrub is a dual-action exfoliant and hydrator that removes impurities while showering the skin with moisture.  Essential oils resurface and nourish the skin as this invigorating treatment detoxifies the skin deep into the pores.  


So treat your body just like your face with GloMinerals Body products.  These nourishing treatments take all of your skin to another level!


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