How do you pronounce ExPurtise?
We say it just like the word “expertise” but with a “pure” in the middle. Ex-pure-tise. There, now you’ve got it. Say it again.

Are ExPurtise products certified organic?
ExPurtise products use as many organic ingredients as possible. They combine them with lab-enhanced active ingredients to create the purest anti-aging formulas available.

What is the shelf life of ExPurtise products?
ExPurtise uses natural preservatives. The average shelf life of ExPurtise products is 24 months. Their products are sealed in airless vacuum pumps to ensure maximum protection from outside contaminants.

Do ExPurtise products contain fragrance?
ExPurtise products are fragrance free. They use all-natural fruit extracts to provide a light, pleasant scent to our formulations.

How long before I see results with ExPurtise?
Some results will be visible immediately, particularly with regard to skin hydration. ExPurtise recommends using their products twice daily to stimulate collagen and reduce lines and wrinkles. After 4-8 weeks you should notice a dramatic change in your skin.

Does ExPurtise test on animals?
ExPurtise has never and will never test any products on animals. Every ExPurtise product is cruelty free.

Are ExPurtise products safe to use while pregnant/nursing?
ExPurtise products contain derivatives of Vitamin A, particularly retinoic acid and retinyl palmitate. Topical application has not been shown to cause problems in pregnant women. However, we recommend consulting your doctor before for his/her best advice.

Are ExPurtise bottles recyclable?
Yes, their packaging is recyclable.

Are ExPurtise products hypoallergenic?
ExPurtise products are human repeated insult patch tested (HRIPT tested). They don’t claim their products to be hypoallergenic due to the variety of organic ingredients contained within their formulations. Consult your physician or dermatologist if you have a specific allergy.